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Here's what our customers are saying...

"Mr. Diodati and his son interacted with us. They were here, they talked to us about it, they were neat, they cleaned up, and they were poiite. I have dealt with all types of contractors., the best and the worst. I would put Diodati in the best catagory."    Bruce T.

"From start to finish, it was done incredibly well. I told them how I wanted it, they told me how they could do it and theyexecuted the job well. They completed all of my requirements effectively and on time. I thought they did an excellent job".    Ron Y.

 "They were in and out. There was no fooling around. They were wonderful and very professional. I had quite a bit of workdone, over $30,000 worth. They did whatever they said they were going to do. They were on time. They were the best I have ever used."   Joseph S.

"He did the work he said he would do. He was on time, reliable, and personable. He goes out of his way to accommodate the customer. It was easy to make changes after the work had started. He and his son were very exceptional. We didn't have to be there to supervise."    Kathy H.

"They were prompt, they called back, and they did everything they were supposed to do. I was very pleased."    Donna B.

"Honest appraisal of the job and an honest job description, I liked the full disclosure of the cost too. If it went above the quote, I knew what I was getting into."    Dee C. 

"They completed their work, they did extras for us, and they were very polite. We enjoyed working with them."     Joe M.

"I liked the quality of work that they did. The men were very courteous. They did the kind of work we were looking for."  Patty L.

"They were responsive, they did what they said they were going to do, and they did it in a timely fashion."     Chuck R. 

"The guys were here on time, and they cleaned up after themselves before they left. Joe was so nice."    Dorothy H.

"He did what he said he would do in a timely and cost efficient manner. This was the smoothest construction project I've ever done."    Ray F.

"The final product was exactly what we worked for. It turned out perfectly. We were very pleased with the end product."     Harry B. 



3909 G Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94112 

San francisco   415-334-6750

328 Lang Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010-2003

Burlingame    650-348-2777

Fax                 650-348-2778


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